Time-in App Privacy Policy

Location Access

Time-in retrieves the user's current location in order to provide the following benefits:

  • Propose near-by customers, projects and activities for the current location.
  • Limit various selections to a predefined location and only make those available, when they fall within a specific radius of the current location.

For these functionalities, the location is only used to gather the required information (customers, projects, ..) and will not be stored anywhere.

If the user so desires, an option can be enabled to add the location when saving working hours. The location serves purely as additional information for the user and will not be used or processed further by the application.
This option is disabled by default, even if access to the user's location was granted. This being the case, no location information will be stored without the explicit user's consent.

Location access is not required. The application will work as expected, just without the benefits and additional location information for the user.

Camera/Photo Library Access

Time-in offers the possibility to add captured pictures (directly through the camera or via the photo library) to working hour records. Therefore, camera/library access is required to add the desired pictures.

In certain cases, the camera is also used to scan barcodes which are attached to customers, projects or activities. This allows for a faster selection by barcode, without having to search through a list of items manually.

Camera/Photo library access is not required, unless the user wants to gain access to the aforementioned benefits.


Other than the location (if explicitly allowed by the user), Time-in does not collect or save any private information about its users.